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This program from AutoStone is a collection of high-quality, through-body, calibrated and rectified porcelain tile - manufactured for your automotive facility.

In our production, we have developed a special manufacturing method that utilizes 95% recycled material.

Additionally, our manufacturing facility utilizes and maintains processes that assure minimal impact on the environment. From recycled water that is returned cleaner to natural gas that burns cleaner - AutoStone Enviroshowroom products are providing solutions that architects, designers, dealer-owner and LEED certification professionals will appreciate.

Building “green” doesn’t need to cost more green. With Enviroshowroom products by AutoStone building green provides you a solution that doesn’t make you compromise on anything. We deliver you a wide offering of beautiful high-quality porcelain products and products that match your current automotive image program. You don’t have to compromise on quality either. We provide you the best warranty in the industry - 10-year breakage warranty on your showroom floor system. Lastly, it doesn’t cost anymore than our current offerings.

AutoStone provides solutions that lessen the impact on the environment - from manufacturing to installation.

Building Automotive Facilities with products and a process that minimize the impact on our environment. From producing our product with recycled content to an installation system that has achieved Green Guard certification and to finally a product that requires significantly less chemicals to clean and maintain.

AutoStone’s Enviroshowroom is the one-time, life-time solution for your dealership. This product has a life-cycle that lasts the life of your building as you don’t have to hassle with epoxy grout haze that is the biggest problem automotive dealers face with their showrooms. With the AutoStone Floor System - for showroom environments, we can provide you solutions that will eliminate tire tracking and other problems that cause dealers frustration. You will never have to put carpet tiles under your car-tires to avoid the tire tracks that other tile solutions leave behind.

The automotive retail environment is a tough environment that has special and unique requirements. Comparisons to other commercial applications don’t apply. AutoStone’s Enviroshowroom is designed to meet the demands of your showroom environment and perform with excellence.

Enviroshowroom is an entire process. From manufacturing to installation - your Automotive Facilities professionals will provide and install a solution that is sensitive to the environment that utilizes recycled materials and other processes that can assist you in getting LEED point consideration.

Enviroshowroom floors allow your cleaning crew to use minimal and non-toxic cleaners to keep clean.

Enviroshowroom will never need replacement and will last the life of your facility.

Enviroshowroom is a quality product that will greatly improve the
aesthetics and performance of your showroom floor.

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