Auto Stone Floor System  

AutoStone Floor System

Shop Floors

Enviroshop Grey and Black tile have been installed across the country now for over five years. Their success in becoming the approved shop material for Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Porsche, as well as gaining acceptance to the Honda & Acura Tool Programs speaks loudly to their superior characteristics in comparison with the competition.

The one time, life time installation has been winning dealers over in all brands however, it’s not just the brands listed above. With over one hundred shop floors installed across the country, you probably have a neighbor enjoying the AutoStone experience right now.

Service Drive / Customer Contact Drive Areas

Most brands have a variety of options for dealerships to choose from regarding their service drives. AutoStone recommends the Enviroshop Grey and Black tile for all service drives. This doesn’t mean that all drives look the same however!

Check out the gallery for a variety of patterns that dealers have utilized to create the most effective use of their flooring material. Additional options include waterjet cutting logos, numbers, or letters into the floor.

Showroom / Interior Customer Contact Points

AutoStone has many approved, and preselected plans for automotive brands across the country. The Design Intent Documents are the tool that everyone turns to for creating brand approved facilities and AutoStone is no different.

For showroom options, we have the Enviroshowroom lines : generally with a 90% recycled content rate, or our regular selection of high quality Showroom lines. With the exception of the recycled content, all of our tiles represent the highest standards of porcelain tile in the marketplace.

Please check with your sales representative about the plan for your specific brand.


AutoNews Now: Floored by the factory

Tile and Grout. Why flooring is on the minds of manufactures and dealers.

Factory driven renovations, a topic that dominated talk at the recent NADA show.

Visit AutoNews Now and watch the Floored by the factory video to see AutoStone in action



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